Emotion Based Marketing

Emotions prompt our actions according to the famous psychologist Daniel Goleman. The customer buying behaviour is too motivated by their emotions. Consumers no longer want products to be pushed upon them. Marketing campaigns have to be more humane and sensitive towards the sentiments of the people. Emotional appeal advertising aids in achieving the same. Marketing campaigns need to be redefined so that the customer’s heart meets his wallet and there is a synchronisation between the two. These emotions have to be tapped at the right time and rightly guided to the social media and other public visibility outlets to gain the movement of customers towards the brand.

1. Positive emotions

Positive emotions provoke good feelings about the brand in the minds of the customers. Mostly people associate themselves easily with high-value lifestyle products which increase their status in the society. Apple did a business storytelling around the iPhone before launching it. When they launched iPhone mobiles, it became a hallmark of style statement from teenagers to young adults to all age groups. Today, most Americans prefer buying iPhone over other mobiles. This is an example of emotional marketing campaign driven by positive emotions like joy & acceptance which are associated with the purchase of iPhone.

2. Negative emotions

Negative emotions on the advertisements display the harsh realities of life. An anger or disgust emotion is usually used to evoke thought provoking feelings in the minds of the consumers in order to spread awareness and encourage donations for those in need. ‘Save a child’ advert was used to display the effect of wars especially on the children.

3. Surprise emotions

Advertisements of Insurance companies tease the fear or surprise element in the lives of the people. The fear of the unknown and growing risks of deaths due to health ailments & accidents is strong enough to coerce people to buy life/health insurance to protect their dependants against difficult times. Instead of distracting customers from chief information, these emotional marketing campaigns should speak about the brand and attract the customers in order to boost quality leads.

4. Emotional Content Marketing

The CSR activities are an excellent example of emotional branding. It increases the customer participation by involving them along with the brands to carry these activities. Stories connected with the event when told reflect on the values business stands for, such as fighting for a social cause or combating environmental issues. This emotional storytelling about the event or activity helps to evoke empathy for the brand. Moreover, this reaches still larger audience especially middle class buyers.

5. Run time for these marketing campaigns

The run time for the emotional marketing campaigns has to be optimum. While it achieves its desired purpose, one cannot overlook the fact that people start to construe a different meaning when the same campaign is running for too long. They either get overwhelmed or bored. Similarly running it for too short time will not make enough time available to let them associate with the emotions exhibited through the message of the advertisement.

Abbott India Ltd

Challenge: Managing end-to-end incentive program for distributors efficiently.


  1. RewardPort registered addresses and email ids of all distributors by getting a form filled with their company seal & signature and digitizing it
  2. Created reward catalogue for 5 slabs with 4 gift options in each slab category
  3. Deployed an account manager and operations resource for timely MIS & escalation management
  4. Created a full-proof reward delivery system eliminating pilferage of gifts and theft/misuse by parties
  5. Created periodic schemes for retailers- free recharge on billing of Digene products

Program mechanics: We receive a data file from Abbott team with address and gift option details of the qualified distributors every month. Tangible gifts are dispatched directly on the addresses and e-vouchers are emailed on their registered email id.