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    What you get with channel partner programs at RewardPort

    Low cost rewards starting at Rs 10

    High perceived value rewards starting at low costs ensure you get value for money

    Wide array of rewards

    We have an attractive plethora of products and services across the categories such as experiences, health & wellness, entertainment, travel, physical goods and 15+ more categories

    Last mile delivery

    Pin-codes across India are served

    Omni channels served

    Channel partner programs via multiple channels can be served - including online, offline, app based, SMS based and web based.

    Instant rewards options

    Everyone loves instant gratification and we multiple options to choose from

    Digital rewards options

    Choose from digital rewards such as vouchers for OTT platforms, e-learn, home fitness & yoga apps and more

    Curated rewards as per lifestyle

    Rewards are curated as per the lifestyle of your target audience that truly add value to their day to day life

    Gamification technology

    Gamify your programs with exciting tools such as spin the wheel, digital scratch card, virtual lucky draw and more

    Tier based programs

    You can run a well structured tier based program for dealers and channel partners that motivates to collect more points and unlock more rewards

    Execute a specialized program for your channel partners

    An all-encompassing relationship for stakeholders


    We take into consideration the emotions of dealers and channel partners and reach out to their feelings


    We ensure that the channel partners get some monetary benefit eventually


    Programs are designed to ensure channel partners and dealers are recognised for their loyalty

    WHAT type of campaigns can be executed

    We give you a dedicated team of experienced marketers to ensure your campaigns are executed with seamless ease and perfection.

    Retailer Program

    Create programs for your retailers and ensure they perform better

    Incentive travel programs

    Incentivise channel partners with travel programs

    Influencer loyalty program

    We can design loyalty programs for carpenters, painters, mechanics and other business influencers

    Recognition programs

    Channel partner programs that ensure channel partners are recognised for their efforts

    Dealer Programs

    Craft programs specially designed for dealers

    Channel or trade loyalty program

    We create dynamic programs that help in motivating channel partners and helps in increasing the order size

    Referral programs

    Referral programs can design an eco-system of customers by a chain of referrals improving word-of-mouth reputation of your brand

    Choose the platform of your choice, we have got you covered!

    Web based
    Mobile App based
    QR code based
    Offline mode

    How we do it

    Step 1


    We start at the drawing board and conceptualise your channel partner loyalty program from scratch

    Step 2


    We translate this vision into design and create the entire program’s creative language

    Step 3


    We imbibe various tech to ensure the channel partner loyalty program is adaptable by the target audience

    Step 4


    We create engagement with the channel partner, this include communications on birthdays, anniversaries, contests and more

    Step 5


    Get key analysis, insights, trends that can help you make better marketing decisions

    Step 6


    We take care of rewards fulfilment, with 19000+ pin codes serviced across India


    We give you a dedicated team of experienced marketers to ensure your campaigns are executed with seamless ease and perfection.

    Incremental Sales

    Increase sales dramatically and ensure channel partners purchase more

    Repeat Purchase

    Ensure your channel partners purchase from you regularly

    Connect with channel partners

    Bond with channel partners and connect with them deeply

    Move stock

    Move non moving stock and push inventory with ease

    Push Inventory

    Push out inventory that may have been lying around for a while

    Are you ready to ensure your channel partners are rewarded at every step?


    We also have diverse products across various categories such as travel, entertainment, health, wellness, food and dine, utilities and retail.


    Travel Gift Certificates
    TripXOXO Experiences Vouchers



    OTT Platforms

    Health & Wellness


    Spa Vouchers

    Salon Rewardz

    Home Fitness

    Food & Dine

    Dining Vouchers
    I want my Pizza
    My Scoop of Ice cream
    Food Delivery
    My Cup of Coffee




    Mobile Bills
Electricity Bills


    Shopping Vouchers

    Discount Vouchers

    Gift Vouchers


    Cab rides

    Kids Rewards
    QR Based Programs


    Our Recent Campaigns

    Execute a specialized program for your channel partners

    Who are we

    RewardPort is India’s leading rewards and loyalty marketing company. RewardPort has established a strong presence in India and around the globe with its marketing expertise. Having worked with some of the biggest brands of India and around the world including Kenya and Dubai, we take humble pride in being marketing experts with a spectrum of products and solutions which have been devised in-house. 

    Our expertise lies in sales loyalty program, channel loyalty program, retail loyalty, customer loyalty program and more.

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    We have executed programs across various categories in India and abroad.


    Our programs and solutions have made a mark in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, UAE, Kenya, United Kingdom & Canada.

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    Over 750 clients have trusted us with their marketing campaigns.

    achievement & AWARDS

    Abbott India Ltd

    Challenge: Managing end-to-end incentive program for distributors efficiently.


    1. RewardPort registered addresses and email ids of all distributors by getting a form filled with their company seal & signature and digitizing it
    2. Created reward catalogue for 5 slabs with 4 gift options in each slab category
    3. Deployed an account manager and operations resource for timely MIS & escalation management
    4. Created a full-proof reward delivery system eliminating pilferage of gifts and theft/misuse by parties
    5. Created periodic schemes for retailers- free recharge on billing of Digene products

    Program mechanics: We receive a data file from Abbott team with address and gift option details of the qualified distributors every month. Tangible gifts are dispatched directly on the addresses and e-vouchers are emailed on their registered email id.