We at Reward Port are determined to bring the best to the customers. Understanding consumer psychology is of prime significance. We ensure that we have a forward thinking vision and are up-to-date with the changing customer’s purchase behaviour. We are focussed to provide the best tailor-made services to the customers such as Customer Loyalty cards, Movie gift vouchers, Scratch and win rewards and various other sales vouchers. A customer is the King in the business. Reward port offers the platform which rightfully attracts and delights the King.

Better understanding of the consumers wants and desires helps to establish an invisible thread of trust and emotional connect with your brand. The following points explain the rationale behind understanding

customer psychology:

1.Buying behaviour is usually untold

Customers change their minds constantly. You need to listen to what is not been told directly. Customer behavioural insights help sales & revenue grow strong in the present and support stronger momentum for future gains by obtaining useful information on trends based on their rapidly changing demands.

2.One size doesn’t fit all.

To make sales campaign successful, the offerings have to be varied according to the customer’s age, sex, ethnicity, region, country etc. Understanding these variations is crucial.

3.Reasons for buying competitor products/services

Being informed of the qualities or features in the competitor products/services which are highly appreciated by the customers helps to get an insight into where we lack and what we need to do in order to improve sales promotion.

4.Buying Complementary products

Understanding consumer’s needs help in acknowledging their pain points. Bundling complementary products as they wish eases the purchase thereby increases the sales figure in the end.

5.Minor details

Minor details point to customers’ sentiments which are often overlooked. The feedback provided by the customers is priceless and when incorporated in the sales strategy, it helps to convert them into potential leads.


Often people like to test samples of the products or want convenient shipping and delivery at their doorsteps. Businesses which take the first steps and reach out to their audience reciprocate the wishes of their customers. This facilitates buying decision.

7.Surprise and delight

Consumers wish to be surprised with attractive discounts along with a seamless flow of information regarding these discounts. So, it is significant to know what surprises them in order to increase sales.

8.Online vs. Offline customers.

As the purchase cycle varies for online Vs offline buyers, it is apt to appreciate those differences and subsume in the sales strategy.

9.Pricing options

While most customers prefer goods and services which are value for money, many are willing to spend a little more for the higher quality and the brand association of the product. It acts as a guide for businesses to alter pricing and discounts options for the products they offer.

10.Develop better Customer Engagement strategies

Customer engagement technique cannot be planted in the dark. Prioritizing customer psychology while preparing the sales strategy helps in engaging customers with your products/services. For example, the medium of interaction, tone of conveying message about your products/services/brand or type of information whether it is factual or generic. Also, this makes marketing strategy aligned to the target audience.

One can only beat the clock first in this competitive era by comprehending customer psychology, their wants and desires. This is why we at reward port provide the best flexible and fabulous loyalty programs for our customers.

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