A company’s success or popularity is measured by several means but the way it performs in sales is one of the most important ways of gauging its success. Every brand’s value or rate of success is often dependent on its sales promotions and how they project themselves to their audiences and hence, it is an integral part of creating a successful brand. Sales promotions are the process through which a company or brand pitches their products or services to their target audience. This often consists of different promotional methods such as online marketing, direct sales, public relations, advertising, and several others. The use of media and non-media communications directed towards the audience for a pre-determined time frame helps generate customer demand and inquisitiveness amongst the people leading to an increase in their overall sales. Sales trends are often fast-changing as the target audience and their taste keeps evolving with time. The strategies that worked wonders for a company at one point might stand null after a point and is highly dependent on the way or mode you choose to deploy for your product’s sales promotion. Some trends, however, have withstood the test of time and are a sure-shot sales promotion trend and the trends enlisted are ones that are likely to stay and emerge in the year 2019.

Buy One Get One Free: You may have heard plenty about this trend but the truth is that it is here to stay! Nothing sells better than another product of the same kind for free! It’s an easy but sure-shot way to engage and bring customers to buy your product. ‘Free’ is often an eye-wash but a powerful one as the strategy is to hike the price of the product and project it in a way that allows customers to believe that they are at a profitable position!

E-retailing: Gone are the days where you receive pamphlets of different brands selling customers their products at great offers as most of the buyers are now buying things virtually. So, it is imperative that you shift your sales tactics to the virtual sector as well. This gives brands a greater reach as the targeting can be narrowed further down which implies that sales are likely to increase automatically.

Socialmedia influencers: The world is on the web now and so should you! Utilizing someone’s popularity to strengthen and sell your goods and services is likely to help both parties grow. Through promotions of your product on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, influencers are likely to generate a healthy, organic growth for both, your brand and theirs. A collaboration between the two parties helps enhance the overall traffic on the influencer’s account and the brand they are collaborating with.

Testers and Samples: Apart from allowing your customers try and sample your products and services for free, having your brand advertise and promote in cultural events, fests, and exhibitions, giving out free samples or freebies aid in enhancing your customer’s loyalty towards your brand. It gives them an assurance of the genuineness and authenticity of the products or services that you may be offering. This automatically builds a stronger base for your brand to remarket to these customers.

Sales promotion trends that have ruled the market and are likely to build more rage in the year 2019 are listed above. Many more trends are sure to emerge in the year to follow as the way customers perceive brands are ever-changing and are constantly evolving and to keep up with the fast-paced audience, the way a brand sells themselves will need to constantly upgrade.

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