Be it the New year, Valentine’s Day, Republic Day or any celebratory day and most marketing teams would hound on the opportunity as soon as possible! The hounding does not stop there, in case you were wondering; it is further extended through several tactical strategies deployed by loyalty program companies in order to increase their sales. Companies often bank on these special occasions such as so and so days, international observatory days, etc to pump up their sales and build a connection with the clients. It’s also a great time when loyalty companies generate higher sales and convert potential buyers into loyal customers.

Just like you can’t repeat a dress to every fancy event, every occasion must have different sales promotions planned accordingly. “One size fits all” does not quite settle in, in such cases!

We’re sharing insight on the secret sauce for a successful sales promotion campaign for special days.

  1. Keep it personal The more you personalize your loyalty program, the easier it is to get a customer’s attention. The attention of your customer must not sustain only for a short span and to increase the same, your loyalty programs must deploy rewards and incentives that are specific to the special day it’s being launched on. The use of artificial intelligence can help with predicting your target audience’s preferences and choices.
  2. To the point Introducing a point system is a perfect strategy to utilize during festivals or special days. Encouraging your customers to buy during a specific celebratory day would fetch them a specific number of points. Each point represents a certain percentage of discount. These points are then rewarded to the customer in order to motivate them to shop again from your brand during the span of the special day’s offer. An accumulation of these reward points helps them purchase more by paying lesser. This point-wise reward system works great during Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, etc.
  3. Exclusivity A great way to ensure that you have a successful loyalty program that guarantees you with immediate sales hike and long-term customers is to please the existing ones. Offering your existing customers helps in getting traction and an increase in your sales. This also adds to the word-of-mouth marketing. When you market your loyalty programs exclusively to the members, it ties in a sense of exclusivity and allows them to feel special. Knowing that some offers are exclusive to member creates a positive feeling amongst them.
  4. Time is ticking Making your customers believe that the time is ticking encourages them to act on an urgency. Validating your offers to a specific time plays an important role in making them feel the need to utilize the opportunity before the time runs out. It automatically aids in the sales growing manifold.
  5. Charming non-members One fantastic way to rope in customers during special occasions is by projecting the benefits that members receive when they enroll in specific loyalty programs. Enticing offers showcased for non-members drives more attention home. Inquisitive buyers will enquire and subsequently enroll in the program if the incentives match their requirements.

Loyalty programs must evolve and customize itself in order to stay in tandem with what the customer wants. The simplest way of boosting your loyalty program is by utilizing the frenzy that naturally occurs during any celebratory day and package it in a way that lures target audiences with ease. Value-added loyalty programs are one such way to capture buyers who return for more.

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