Do you want to boost your sales and reach out to larger audience by increasing sales promotion? We at reward port offer a wonderful reward matrix for initiating Sweepstakes marketing campaign.

Key Features Reward Port Sweepstakes

  • It requires low cost for initial investment with as low as Rs 5 for initiating promotions of product or services
  • There are over 100 plus Categories of tangible grand products to offer as instant win sweepstakes
  • Provides experiential rewards which are over 50 plus. These awards are evolutionary as they go beyond just being customer reward program and rather try to establish an emotional connect between the brand and the winners of the rewards. Example: ‘Scratch and Win’ a vacation to international destination.
  • The set up for the campaign is hassle free and involves zero cost. It starts from filling up the Google form.
  • It is easy to sync with your Social Media Properties
  • Receive the best customer support as we believe in providing delightful service to the customer till the last mile.

How to improve your business sales through sweepstakes?

The planning stage is crucial for the sweepstake campaign. The strategy building is undoubtedly the first step. Initially, establish the smart and realistic goals desired to be achieved from the sweepstakes. Mostly sweepstakes are offered for no purchase or very low cost and a winner is picked randomly. The online website of the business needs to have an alert for the ongoing sweepstakes offer followed by sending email newsletter to the target customers conveying the message to contest to win prizes. Once placed, Sweepstakes campaign needs to be tracked and monitored at every step to check for the performance and make the sweepstake marketing campaign a success. You can sit back and relax as we at Reward port will manage the online sweepstakes campaign for you. You need to share your budget and the target audience with us. Also, do keep in mind that people are mostly on the lookout for grand prices worth high value which can encourage them to sign up for the sweepstake campaign.

Post the ongoing campaign on the various social media platforms to connect with the audience. Promote it on these platforms using suitable formats specific to each platform. It is easy to check the likes and comments by the participants to get their feedback. A campaign which is both transactional and social helps in multiplication of reach of your audience. For instance, encourage the customers to share their winning moments or their purchases on the Facebook platform and share it with their friends.

Utilize PR for announcing Bumper prize winners. Also, videos are a very good option for reaching out to larger number of customers as its click through rate is usually higher and you can expect more number of participants entering the sweepstake contest.

Lastly, incentivize your customers by providing gifts for referring to a friend to accelerate the performance of the free giveaways online. This proves to be beneficial as these participants are more likely to develop into strong brand ambassadors of your brand.

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