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Are you looking to create brand loyalty for your product or creating a unique concept to push sales at your retail counters? Our much appreciate and direct sale propositions would help you do just that. Take a look at our Sure Shot Promotions wherein you can create an assured reward for your customers for both; online and offline or our Inpack Onpack Promotions can help you deliver surprise additional gifts with evey pack.

We all know how important it is to keep growing through social media; and if you too are doing just that; our Social Rewardz can help you convert your fans just liking you to being a prospective buyer. Now isnt it enough reasons for you to call us now?

Sure Shot Promotion

InPack OnPack

Be Social

Guaranteed surprise with every purchase

This program is the fastest and easiest way to get assured gifts on-the-spot. With more than 100 choices of branded gifts ranging from sunglasses, iPods, wristwatches to air tickets and holidays, your people are in for a surprise. These varied choices of gifts come with a scratch card which can be easily redeemed with every purchase. So you can select and choose gifts related to your business strategy.

This program ideal for Sales and Marketing teams to devise a strong personalised program.

VacPac helps you in multi dimentional ways. It is ideal for your sales force, channel partners and your employees.

  • Assured Prizes
  • Easy to Claim
  • On- the -Spot Redemption
  • Branded Gifts
  • Low value Scratch Card
  • The claim request or booking form attached with the voucher has to be filled as per instructions.
  • A cheque or DD of INR 100 should be drawn against processing and courier charges in favour of ‘TravelPort Holidays India Pvt. Ltd.’ payable at Mumbai
  • The original voucher and photocopy of the purchase invoice to be mailed at the said address of TravelPort
  • The claim request form has to be sent within 30 days from the date of purchase
  • Gifts will be delivered at the said address by courier within 4 weeks from the date of receipt of documents.

InPack OnPack

Sweet surprises are liked by one and all. Better still, if you find out that your money spent has turned into a golden pot of returns! Product promotions are just another way of telling your customer – Here’s something back for you. And at a cost that’s completely affordable for you.

Promotions plugged in with any of your product or services, whether its Inpack or Onpack engages your customers longer with you. Your customers can connect and reconnect with you everytime they take action. Print a promo code on pack or attach a bouquet of gifts for your customers to choose from. All with simple easy and comfort using the latest technology to the most.

The promotions you devise can be easily affordable-and which comes with a high perceived value that creates a long-lasting impression and can be readily measurable. With multiple benefits that promotions offer to your product, make it an integral part of your marketing mix and watch your customers grab onto your message.

  • Improves response rates on your campaign
  • Increases referrals- word of mouth or publicity
  • Improves return business
  • Improves customer morale
  • Encourage or retains brand loyalty by the customer
  • Reminds consumers that your product exist
  • Reservation request has to be either mailed/ couriered in form of reservation slip or by calling at RewardPort call center along with serial no within 28 working days of stay.
  • Reservation slip should duly be filled with options as suggested in the certificate.
  • On receipt of payable charges and the holiday voucher, bookings will be processed.
  • On receipt of the request for reservation, RewardPort shall issue a confirmation slip & send to the customer via fax or courier.
  • The same has to be produced to avail the offer during the stay.
  • In unlikely case, due to certain unavoidable reason of unavailability, the demand draft and original holiday voucher is returned for future usage.

Be Social

While we communicate with a handful of people daily, at work or otherwise, we virtually live in a world today which connects us to millions – The web world; also known as our social gateway. From a mere hi’s and hello’s exchanged with all, the reach of web make us share, talk, laugh, build relations and emote. Being Social now means social communication on social media. It not only is restricted to personal self. It has penetrated into corporate firms and is hugely responsible to create and manage your business and its relationships; with customers as well as your clients..

Reaching out is mostly by ways of interaction, exchange, and information, but promotions and rewards are rated as the highest engagement reasons for your fans/audience. Promotions devised on social platform give you the power to reach out to maximum and converting them from just being a listener or observer to participator and more so, buyer.

At RewardPort, we use web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue. You can now reach out to your fans/ customers and business partners in multiple ways, at a click of the button.

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