Discover Insignia

Discover Insignia

Discover Insignia opens you to a host of possibilities. A gateway to a world of Privileges and Benefits. It is India’s first lifestyle Card offering privileges and discounts with over 350 Brands, at more than 5,500 outlets, across 250 cities in India and abroad.

But just when you thought that this is it, Discover Insignia takes several other products under its wings to offer you an absolute dynamic customised offering. For detailed product offering.

You can use the product to create solutions for

  • Partnership Marketing:

    • Co-brand your corporate product/service with Discover Insignia and extend the product benefit, scope, reach and the overall offering. This can be used as an excellent differentiation tool. (E.g Banking – Prepaid Gift Card + DI).
  • Promotions and sweepstakes:

    • With attractive offers and privileges for the end consumer leading to higher sales, product movement etc (E.g. Discount coupons with vouchers, scratch and win promos)
  • Reward and Loyalty Programs:

    • Using Discover Insignia as a platform for running a loyalty-based program. Benefits include customer acquisition and retention etc. (E.g. Magazine subscriptions, gymnasium memberships, Women Deals, with Discover Insignia as a constant platform to provide offers and privileges)

Discover Insignia OCEAN

The flagship variant is the most ingenious and elegant of the lot. This masterstroke gifting solution encompasses the entire KIT in a delightful box, sleeved up and designed as per the client requirement. It includes the Discover Insignia Lifestyle Card & Kids Card, a Master publication and Kids booklet. All fully loaded with detailed information and coupons

Discover Insignia OYSTER

Nicely wrapped up in a chic and stylish envelope is the light and compact design of the West and the tradition of envelope gifting from the East. Keeping the offering the same, trapped inside the Oyster is a Discover Insignia Lifestyle Card & Kids Card, a master publication and Kids booklet.

Discover Insignia ATOM

The power of one. Small but deceptive. New but effective. Here’s a variant, for the net savvy. Keeping the Oyster envelope packing, we’ve reduced the grammage on the inside. You need to get the coupons alright, all you need do is browse for their locations online. You get your Discover Insignia Lifestyle Card & Kids Card, a Master publication & Kids booklet; All in “Size Zero”.

Discover Insignia FEATHER

Quick reach, large quantities and maximum penetration; Feather is an ultralight solution, that doesn’t go unnoticed. Carved out, designed and customized just for you, from the size of a matchbox to that of your company diary, tell us how you want to be represented. No Cards, No publications. Discount coupons simply!


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