Surfing internet on a desktop or laptop is a thing of the past. Today, smartphones have taken the concept of surfing internet to a whole new level. And thanks to its immense progression, people are connected to each other anywhere and everywhere now.

Gone are the days of traditional promotional strategies on newspapers, magazines and traditional electronic media such as television and radio. Nowadays, people checks for Google recommendation before visiting a restaurant. Most of websites adapting mobile apps and Google inc. accepting only mobile-friendly websites. And with this progression, traditional promotional strategies slowly started getting obsolete. In this growing digital age, planning mobile-friendly marketing strategies is a must since it’s has become the most convenient and cost-friendly way to reach your target audience.

It’s Fast and effective:

Mobile marketing strategies are comparatively easy to execute since it’s less time consuming and easily accessible. easy to plan and so the campaigns become easy to execute. More and more devices have been becoming user-friendly and with the advent usage of internet, companies are able to connect with their customers directly with texts and calls. Through mobile promotional strategies, a business gets engaged with the right consumers who want to interact with their brand. The right set of customers receive messages, forwards it to their friends and creates an easy brand awareness.

A personalized approach

Brands establish personalized relationships with their customers through mobile marketing.Customers can choose and personalize what they receive on their phones and allow only those offers that matters to them. Most brands promote offers through their respective apps and customers access them whenever they check their phones since no one has time to go through their mails anymore.And this is the most easiest way out there to get direct engagement with their target audience.

Also,many customer provide their feedback on social media and other e-commerce platforms and this helps the companies to decide on their future course of action.

Impact of Social media

Companies should take social media as the first option to consider while carrying out any promotional activity. The impact of social media is so huge that every small or big business houses have started handling their social media profiles seriously. From branding to customer engagement, consumer feedback to interaction, social media has it all.Consumers can get all required information about their favourite brand by clicking on a single pop-up on their mobile screens.

In a nutshell, it’s impossible for a brand to expect a successful branding exercise without promoting it digitally. Planning your strategies according to the feedback data plays a vital role in carrying out a successful branding exercise.

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