Customer Loyalty & Channel Incentive Programs

RewardPort has rich experience delivering successful customer loyalty and channel sales incentive programs designed to support single and multi-step distribution business models. We understand the power and leverage that channel incentives have to boost your sales, gather customer insight and

market directly to your partners and end-users.We can manage and execute programs offline , over the web and on mobile or all 3 integrated into one.


  • Boost channel sales revenue
  • Improve profit margins
  • Identify and engage product end-users
  • Launch new products / speed product adoption
  • Establish competitive differentiation
  • Acquire and retain customers
  • Gather valuable customer data and insight
  • Strengthen relationships with dealers distributors, resellers and customers
  • Increase customer loyalty and "Share of Wallet”?


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Technology Platform

Dependable, secure technology to power your program

The technology behind your loyalty and incentive program must be secure, reliable and user friendly- both for you and your program participants. The RewardPort Tech Platform efficiently facilitates both participation and administration, and is flexible and scalable enough to support a wide range of customized program options.

Thousands of participants access their incentive program information everyday to:

  • View the latest program information
  • Review their earning statement
  • Shop and redeem for rewards

Clients use the platform 24/7 to:

  • Perform program management - enroll, award and update
  • Monitor their program's performance
  • Gather valuable program participant information


We help you promote your program creatively and effectively. Every RewardPort incentive, loyalty and reward program includes the following proven communichations tools:

  • Branded program Web site that features program-themed logo and messaging tools that can target different participant audiences.
  • Branded launch materials to help you promote the program to your target audience, from enrollment forms and FAQs to promotional flyers to reward catalogs.
  • Personalized “welcome” sent to every enrolled participant
  • Participant point earnings and redemption statement branded with your program logo and messaging, mailed to each participant monthly

Clients may also augment their communications plan with a wide variety of online and offline marketing vehicles, including:

  • Collateral materials such as posters, member cards, brochures, folders, etc.
  • Custom design – Web and Print
  • Training support such as multimedia CD's and online quizzes
  • Newsletters – both print and via e-mail
  • Personalized direct mail and e-mail
  • Premiums / giveaways
  • Marketing strategy and communications planning
  • Events and Trainings

Reward Fulfillment

Delivering well-earned rewards with efficiency and a smile

Great rewards fuel the excitement and motivation needed to power any successful incentive or loyalty program. RewardPort provides a compelling selection of travel and merchandise rewards and seamlessly delivers them to your program participants.

Rewardport handles every aspect of your program reward redemption needs. We make the process easy by offering participants several ways to choose rewards and supporting the entire reward delivery process with outstanding customer service.

When your participants decide to redeem their program points for rewards, they have several ordering options to choose from.

  • Online - through their own personalized program Web site
  • By Phone
  • By Fax
  • By Mail

Rewardport Sourcing and managing abilities, give your participants merchandise and rewards, which have a significant high perceived value than the cost you pay.

Customer Care

We’ll treat your program participants like VIP's

When your program participants call our toll-free nos or our in-house reward redemption center, we treat them like winners. Earning a reward is an accomplishment; and no one understands that better than our travel and merchandise redemption specialists.

Experienced and friendly, our customer care professionals make the redemption process quick and easy. Our customer care center is monitored and managed to the strictest service levels to ensure program participants receive the best possible experience.

Should your participants opt for the self-service option, the online program platform allows them to shop for rewards and redeem their points 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Account Management

A responsive, experienced Account Manager guides your program throughout. Your valuable time should be spent on your business.

That's why you can count on an experienced RewardPort Account Manager to provide expert guidance and support.

Among many program-related areas, they:

  • Support program set-up on the Online platform
  • Drive program development, launch and ongoing management
  • Provide remote system training
  • Facilitate program performance reviews
  • Serve as your primary contact and liaison to all RewardPort resources

Launching, implementing and managing a successful recognition, loyalty or incentive program requires experienced, ongoing attention. You can count on your Rewardport Account Manager to be there for you at every step.

Performance Measurement

We map your objectives to your results

To truly assess the performance of any incentive, loyalty or recognition program, you need to establish your program objectives and how you measure success against those objectives.

At RewardPort, our core values include a laser focus on measurement and accountability. We work with you to determine program strategy and objectives, then provide tools and support to help you monitor your program's success every step of the way.

RewardPort' clients have 24/7 Web access to view participant award activity reports, award points and maintain participant enrollment data.

You require a unique reporting system? No problem. We have the ability to design and develop customized reports to fit your specialized needs as our programs are inherently data-driven.

Solution Design

How a successful program takes shape

A successful incentive, loyalty or recognition program must achieve a balance, where the client, participant and solution provider all perceive a desired level of benefit.

RewardPort team works with your team to put together the program that perfectly meets your requirement and matches it with best global practises. You benefit from our broad based knowledge of programs in your industry, or in other industries and in India and overseas.


  • End to End Solution All aspects of the Loyalty Program are delivered under one roof. From creation to fulfillment, you will have to worry about nothing
  • No Set Up cost You pay nothing for putting together the perfect solution as per your requirement
  • Customized One size doesn't fit all when it comes to creating a unique program within your industry. We understand your need and create a unique Loyalty Program for you.
  • Quick Set Up time 15 working days and your Loyalty Program can be up and running
  • High on value, Low on cost Rewards Our selection of merchandise, travel, Entertainment or dining rewards deliver very high perceived value.
  • Multiple Fulfillment Platform Our Loyalty programs can be created and menged offline, on the web, on mobile or integrated across all platforms. Point of Sale: On pack, online, On mobile, Facebook & in APP