Once the festive season arrives, every company tries to amp up their game especially the commercial consumer brands. Each brand aims for higher engagement with their audience and customers in any form and medium. They plan events and programs that help in promoting their brand or products to their target group which in turn increase sales of their product. Festivities also mark a stark rise in the social media pages or websites of different companies which are often carried out with the end goal of reaching out to more favourable customers.

Most of the companies focus on collaborating with other brands in order to offer a combination of  rewards and festive gifts that may be further booked in bulk by major corporates for festive gifting as well as in the form of loyalty programs that can be redeemed as per the receiver’s whim. Many corporate companies tie up with F&B companies to avail sweetmeats and decorative gifting options. Although corporate gifting is a major trend amongst big companies, it is also very common for them to offer their employees with attractive vouchers, gift cards and loyalty program offers that provide them with an opportunity to redeem them according to their preferred time and avail items that meet their requirements.

Below mentioned are a few ways in which companies can create a successful loyalty program for the festive season:

Cashback is in

It’s a natural psychology of people to get attracted to offers that allow them to get a percentage of their money back in the form of hard cash or even virtual money; that’s precisely how one can cash onto a large section of the working class people. It allows them to shop for a certain amount and receive a fraction of their expenditure in the form of cashback. Tieing up with clothing brands or restaurants that offer a cashback on purchase from them can prove to be a healthy collaboration for both the employer and the employee.

Discount Vouchers & Coupons

Everyone is in a festive mood when any of the big festivals arrive and shopping for their desired clothes, accessories and appliances become a must for many, which is particularly when a company must collaborate with electronic companies, clothing brands, etc as it is highly likely to pull crowd once they see a discount on their favourite item of choice! Coupons also work in a similar way as they help people get a discounted price when they apply a specific coupon applicable to their purchase. Rewarding employees with vouchers and coupons that enable customers to avail a certain discount based on the net purchase amount usually works great and even greater during the festive season!

Freebies & combos

Having a loyalty program that allows you to choose from a variety of products and then getting a free product along with it makes people extremely happy and allows the retailers to sell more items at a fairly good rate. Freebies also encourage people to share good reviews about their shopping experience and also helps in getting free PR from their customers! This can work particularly well if teamed up with restaurants as people are highly likely to eat out during that time and free meals or happy hours, etc. work great during this period.


The world is now run online and thus, it is imperative to be conscious and strategic in placing yourself with the right type of E-commerce website as it is likely to fetch great returns if done the right way. Companies can collaborate and offer their employees codes or referral links to avail a certain product or reward on their partner E-commerce website, which allows the employees to shop straight at their homes or desks without the hassle of travelling to brick and mortar shops to purchase festive articles. This technique projects the company associating with them in a good light along with their own brand which was chosen as their partners. It’s a win-win situation, most of the times!

Loyalty programs can be a great way to encourage people to buy from a particular brand or channel and it also helps in trust building factor or employees towards their company itself. This occurs due to the choice of loyalty program made and the offers made are generally very attractive. The festive season, in general, is a great time to pair up loyalty programs as they make everyone feel like they are getting something extra and are rewarded for the same!


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