What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Gamification’? Though it is seen as a game-changing tool for brand promotions, there is more to it. Yes. Gamification, as we know is an emerging trend and some of the brands have already been using consumer loyalty programs as a part of their marketing strategies. In the context of brand promotion, gamification has become an integral part of the marketing structure with an increasing number of reward programs.

Gamification is not complex as it may sound. It only intensifies the value to an existing marketing program by using data-oriented engagement techniques to capture a customer’s attention.

Before we look at the possibilities of gamification in loyalty programs, let us go through the types of Gamification.

  • Progress tracking

This is undertaken to make people stay loyal to the brand by helping them keep a track of their performance in loyalty programs.

    For example, an online program which has users to sign up for a course includes a system to track their progress until their final objective is completed. This encourages their potential leads and customers to use more content.

  • Reward level

This is an advanced version of a basic reward program. For instance, users can earn stars to win rewards at different levels of the program. Once a customer gets a specific number of stars, they become part of a special membership program where they are entitled to receive benefits throughout the year.

Now, this brings us to the possibilities of using gamification in loyalty programs and its subsequent benefits.

  • Firstly, it increases sign-ups for a program
  • It increases product sales and revenue with continuous participation
  • It encourages a customer’s willingness to be a part of loyalty rewards
  • It brings more brand advocates who eventually become influential marketers

There is more possibility of bringing gamification to the loyalty programs as general human behaviour is tied to motivational factors. In other words, the user gains extensively through repeated efforts. If you want to retain your customers, gamification can help al it adds excitement to improve your brand’s marketing strategy.

Gamification in loyalty programs acts as catalysts to make users spend more time and effort to reach higher levels.  This is probably one of the reasons why repeated discounted sales are often considered as the primary objective of a loyalty program. It makes it easier for users to express their appreciation, aiding the brand’s marketing goal. The extended reach will amplify your brand’s social worthiness along with the online ad spends.

Hence, yes gamification is possible. In fact, it brings a brand closer to its sales goals.

Whether a brand’s consumer wins a prize or gains maximum out of it, the game design inputs put in a marketing strategy brings positive feedback looping new customers. When a brand offers more than just amazing products and services with a sense of gamification in their loyalty programs, customers are sure to love the experience and be willing to come back.

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