2019 has just arrived and every brand or organization is already prepped up to create and build loyalty programs that are not just interesting but engaging and utilitarian in nature. Times have changed and are likely to keep changing at a fast pace and all you need to do as a brand is to get with it! Old-school ways have ought to go and newer ways and strategies must be embraced to cater to the evolved set of customers you have.


Here are the top 5 common mistakes that you must avoid if you wish to run a very successful loyalty program:

  1. Cut the complications 2019 should be all about being apt and adept. The basic rule to this is to do away with any kind of complicated rules. The simpler, the better. It is one thing to create exciting offers and incentive programs and it’s another to complicate it through multiple tiers and rules. The point is to be straightforward and prominent. The reason you need to keep the complicated rules to the bare minimum is that you want to gain your customer’s attention by offering them valuable loyalty programs and not have them occupied in figuring out or calculating their gains. For instance, if your loyalty program need points to be converted into monetary value then make the who process simpler by denoting each point to a certain value of money. Eg: 10 points = 10 Rupees
  2. Being generous with the validity This is a must-have condition for any loyalty program at this point in time. If you are looking for customers to reflect their emotions and trust towards your brand for a long time, then it is necessary that you stick to your words; in this case, the rules you assign to the program. People will bestow you with their loyalty if your program offers them a large window of redemption of the loyalty program they have. Even better would be to stake out any form of validity period at all! Shorter periods for the redemption of these incentives or rewards might project your brand as a petty or cheap brand.
  3. Don’t bore it One of the main reasons why a loyalty program is offered in the first place is because you want to create loyal customers out of your target audience. If your loyalty programs offer you the straight-out-of-the-mill type of incentives then you’re clearly not doing great! Boring needs and has to go out. A BOGO offer is acceptable only if your company has five other offers that are sure to knock your customers out of the park. Creating new, interactive and creative ways to get your customer’s attention or loyalty is of utmost importance.
  4. Few Amends Only Take a loyalty program live to the public only if you have complete faith and confidence in it. Should you feel that there are bugs or smaller errors to be amended before going live, it is imperative that you make sure to get it changed prior to making it available to your audience. Frequent changes in your loyalty or incentive program can directly affect the faith of your customers on your products and services. It also tends to distract them easily.
  5. One-tier rewards are a No-no As it is earlier mentioned, it is important to create reward programs that make your customers want to stick with your brand for longer. To initiate such long-term behaviour, it is important that you develop loyalty programs that are manifold and offer more in each segment and not be static in any way. Multi-tiered reward systems engage your customers and encourage them subtly to get back to you in the hopes of getting onto the next tier of the program.

With such simple yet significant changes, you are sure to make the most of 2019 with your loyalty programs. Remember to gauge your audience at all times and work around their expectations to reduce discouraged behaviour from your customers. If you can let go of these 5 major mistakes while structuring your loyalty programs, then your program is set to be a hit!

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