A Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC) headquartered at Jaipur, Au Financiers reaches out to low-income groups, self-employed individuals, First Time Users/ First Time Buyers and others, at far-flung locations across 10 states in India. Au Financiers provides financing in three primary segments –

  • Vehicle Loan
  • Housing Loan
  • MSME Loan

The customers:

  • Customers from : Rural Areas / Semi-Urban Areas/ Tier 2 Cities/ Farmers

Their Presence: Au Financiers is present in 9 states – Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and Goa , where Majority Business comes from Rajasthan (~50%)

The Need: Au Financiers did not have a customer engagement program. Its customer segment is primarily rural and dispersed in small pockets across the 9 states and doing traditional marketing is not a cost effective method here. Also, low technology penetration makes it inevitable for Au Financiers to use any form of digital marketing campaigns.

RewardPort’s Solution: RewardPort offered an exclusive program, designed to make Au Financier’s customers journey as rewarding as possible – AU SPECIAL

  • A Program developed on SMS & WEB to ensure maximum participation.
  • Customers were offered various (Platinum, Gold, and Silver) Tier’s to marry the different/extreme spend patterns, {High/ Med/Low}.
  • Personalized membership cards along Individual Login Id & Password.
  • Regional language communication for better penetration and understanding.
  • Differential Points were offered to Au Fin customer on (On-time EMI payment, 3-month consistency point, 6-months consistency points, add-on purchase points, guarantor/co-borrower, referral)
  • An exclusive reward catalogue that offered unique products/ experiences to redeem points earned.
  • A unique offer where Au Financier’s customers could redeem the points earned to pay their EMI’s

Result’s of AU SPECIAL Program:

  • Increased sales By Including Enticing Awards
  • Increase in Market Share
  • Repeat Buying
  • Retention of existing customers
  • It Provided Vital Market Research
  • Happy Customers
  • Created brand advocates
  • Edge over competition

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