Most of loyalty programs are created by highly competent business owners. But still why it’s getting harder to retain an old customer than win a new? You can plan to kill off the existing one and introduce a new but how many loyalty programs do you think the average customer belongs to? Not less than 9! Introducing a new one would act like a burden for them for sure. Now the question is, why some loyalty programs become obsolete and fail to collect any new lead? It’s natural for you to get confused since you have taken plethora of feedback from experts before launching it but there are reasons that you may have ignored while planning! We have tried to churn out a few, take a look

Offers are repetitive

With every religious and national event, there comes the horde of offers and promotions. If your company is product based then you should always look at your competitors and see what are they offering. Sometime many companies of the same product-line offers similar loyalty program and it becomes confusing for customers to choose the right one. And before you introduce your offer to them, they are already exhausted by seeing similar offers again and again! Do a proper research on your competitors before turning over confident!

Your presence is weak on digital media

The decision making process of human minds has been changing drastically. It has become very instantaneous since brands are offering something new everyday and targeting customers personally through different digital mediums. Think about your presence on digital media. Hit them through your social presence, take help from Google adwords, launch an app and cover all kinds of digital mediums which you think can help you reach your target audience.

You are ignoring retention policies

Have you ever given a thought why Amazon gives more preference to prime members than new ones? That’s because they understand the importance of loyal customers and always gives more preference to retain them. Your loyal bunch of customers would always want to try something new introduced by your company but the new ones may hesitate since they don’t know much about you. Give special discount, send personalized mails, give them seasonal offers and don’t think it twice to make them feel special!

Your offers are not relevant and real

Always think of offering something that becomes useful for your customers in their daily lives. For example, loyalty points won’t make much difference but some discount on their daily grocery needs would do. Make your offers more realistic by relating them to the daily needs of your targeted audience. Don’t make long running offers but keep it short and practical. Give them a chance to use them on their hobbies and entertainment.

You are not integrating your loyalty program with overall customer experience

A loyalty successful loyalty program depends on three important things, 1) Accurate brand communication, 2) Excellent service and 3) create real value and meaning for your customers. Don’t ignore your customers in the long run. Make them feel like a part of your company, personalize special offers in festivals, build your own community by inviting them to special events and interact with them on social media.

In the end, your customers build your business and it depends upon you how you make them feel special. Don’t take loyalty programs as a separate add-on but make it a part of your actual business through which you can build a community of people to participate in your business offerings.

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