Retaining your current customers isn’t going to be easy anymore unless businesses are flexible to bring innovative changes with the design or delivery of their loyalty programs. Hence, we bring you five power moves that will help you to retain your existing customers base.

Surprise with a reward

Holding your customers’ hands through their buying journey makes them feel appreciated. Surprise rewards bring added joy to your customers. Plus this element of surprise will encourage your regular product purchasers to keep an eye on your new offerings. It helps to deepen the relationship with your customers. Tap your existing customer’s data to draw beneficial insights into their ever-changing preferences. Targeting those specific needs and surprising them at an opportune moment with the right reward can aid in retaining them.

Segregate loyalty program

You have to be smart and agile to devise your loyalty programs based on the customer type. For instance, a firm selling makeup products can redesign its program for novice users, regular users or master make up artists/professionals. This differentiation helps to reach the targeted audience. Customers are likely to appreciate this move and want to purchase more.

Improve online user experience

It goes without saying that customers want to have the best buying experience online. Hence, it should be accessible on all devices and must be optimized accordingly. The rewards redemption process should be easy for customers. This power move will not just enhance the customer’s online experience such as swift navigation or gamified content and help companies boost their sales.

Give time-bound promotions

Firms can offer festive time-limited promotions that will keep their customers wanting for more. These promotions increase the conversion rate as customers act quickly to grab the best deals. Just remember to keep refreshing the discounted items as per the customer click insights and product preferences.

Add an extra touch of care

An additional touch of kindness or care exhibits your brighter side to your customers and shows that you care about their safety or health. To quote an example,  a pizza shop updated their customers to feel free to take shelter in their shop in case they feel threatened. This touched the customers at a personal level and there was an increased engagement with the existing customers. This helped them to increase their sales and build a trust bond with existing customers.

The point of any brand’s loyalty program is to drive more sales and increase the number of loyal customers. These points are sure to help you create better customer retention for your brand.

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