Looking for supreme choices of loyalty programs for your customers, then you have arrived at the right platform. At Reward Port, we assist the businesses to offer the best loyalty programs which can sway away the customers and aid in strengthening the bond of trust between your brand and the customers. Festivities are a great time to express gratitude to your customers and acknowledge their contribution in the consistent growth of your brands in the form of rewards.

So, this Diwali delight your customers with any one of these five best loyalty programs –

1.Point based scheme

The quintessential type of the loyalty program, this scheme offers value points for every purchase executed by the customer. These points can be redeemed later for the subsequent transactions. Higher the points, higher the redeemable amount of money. The introduction of this program is definitely bound to foster the initial trust and worth of your brand in the minds of especially the new customers.

2.Tier scheme

The tier scheme is the excellent approach to reward the long term loyal customers of your brand. Upgradation to the higher tier provides greater incentives on product purchases. It requires the customers to accrue points through multiple purchases over a period of time and evidently, greater number of points shifts them to higher rewards tier.


Businesses can partner with our loyalty rewards platform and relax as we offer convenient and hassle free sweepstakes program for your customers. Sweepstakes is a straight-forward program for the customers to enter with a minimal to zero fees and there is every probability to take home a grand bumper prize along with them. Various other prizes offered to runner ups are also high- priced.

4.Partnership program

Businesses can build partnership with various other firms such as those offering food products, beauty products or even various services based firms to delight the   customers to the next level. Studies have shown that the flexibility in the choices available under the umbrella of a loyalty program is the main reason the customers find a loyalty program attractive. With the points accumulated, customer can log into their account and redeem their points by shopping from a plethora of products available.

5.Gamified loyalty program

If the businesses desire to acquire an edge over their competitors, it is indeed achievable by the creative gamification of a loyalty program that can be offered as a spellbinding reward program to the customers, for instance the Spin and Win Reward loyalty program.

It is essential to emphasize that any of the loyalty programs extended to your customers should be in a comprehensible format with terms and conditions mentioned, to ensure greater effectiveness of the program.

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