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Customer Loyalty & Channel Incentive Programs
RewardPort has rich experience delivering successful customer loyalty and channel sales incentive programs designed to support single and multi-step distribution business models. We understand the power and leverage that channel incentives have to boost your sales, gather customer insight and market directly to your partners and end-users.We can manage and execute programs offline , over the web and on mobile or all 3 integrated into one.
Advantages Our USP
• Boost channel sales revenue
• Improve profit margins
• Identify and engage product end-users
• Launch new products / speed product    adoption
• Establish competitive differentiation
• Acquire and retain customers
• Gather valuable customer data and insight
• Strengthen relationships with dealers    distributors, resellers and customers
• Increase customer loyalty and "Share of    Wallet”?
• End to End Solution - All aspects of the program   are delivered under one roof. From creation to   fulfillment, you will have to worry about nothing
• No Set Up cost - You pay nothing for putting   together the perfect solution as per your   requirement
• Customized - One size doesn't fit all when it comes   to creating a unique program within your industry.
  We understand your need and create a unique   program for you
• Quick Set Up time - 15 working days and your   program can be up and running
• High on value, Low on cost Rewards - Our   selection of merchandise, travel, entertainment or   dining rewards deliver very high perceived value
• Multiple Fulfillment Platform - Our programs can   be created and manged offline, on the web, on   mobile or integrated across all 3 platforms